Cabbies must change bad attitude on roads

Recently, I have noticed taxi drivers voicing their discontent regarding new modes of public transport being provided by companies like Uber and Grab.

This is uncalled for.

First, taxis cannot always be found when commuters need them. Furthermore, many taxi drivers have become very selective as to where they wish to travel to.

Second, I understand that some taxi drivers do not even drive as much as they are supposed to.

When they do drive, sometimes they behave as though they own the roads and are the only ones the public ought to use for transport.

This bad attitude of taxi drivers ought to change.

Hence, it is a very good thing that new modes of public transport have now become available.

The taxi industry must see these alternatives as something good for the public. Each party provides a service and does not necessarily compete with the other.

It is high time that taxi drivers realise that they are no longer the kings of the road.

Ishwar Mahtani