Britons must now unite

During the Brexit referendum, there was already deep division among members and leaders of political parties in the United Kingdom on the issue. The Leave and Remain camps seemed to be quite evenly split.

People in the UK should unite together after the referendum. The outcome of the vote should not be used to divide the people or political parties or, worse, to oust political leaders who hold a different stance on the referendum.

Even if they decide to do so, it is better done through proper procedure, such as by a vote of no confidence.

Tussles to challenge the leadership emerged quickly within certain parties - hours after the referendum result was known.

The objective of the referendum was to let the people decide whether to remain in or to leave the EU.

Political parties and people of the UK at large should reflect whether it is in the nation's interest to use the referendum outcome to punish or reward political leaders.

The UK democratic system, together with its political parties, in particular the Conservative and Labour parties, are held in very high esteem in the world.

The UK is likely to suffer immensely in the economic aftermath in the short term. It would be sad if the function and reputation of its political system also slipped after the Brexit referendum.

Albert Ng Ya Ken