Better service needed at airport immigration

On May 25, I landed at Changi Airport Terminal 2 from Ho Chi Minh City at 6.30pm and had to use a wheelchair to get to the Immigration counters.

When I got there, I joined a queue for a counter that had a sign, indicating it was for wheelchairs and all passports.

There were about 20 mobile people in the queue and two other people in wheelchairs waiting behind me. However, there was no room for wheelchairs to move forward.

My husband went to the counter marked "Authority" to ask if those in wheelchairs could have access to another counter.

However, he was rebuked sharply and told to line up with the rest of the passengers. He told the officers we were Singaporeans, but was simply ordered to line up. So, he complied.

It was a long wait. When we were at the front of the line, just before our turn, the two people in wheelchairs behind me were directed to a counter on the left.

When I moved forward for my turn, the officer scolded us for not going to the other counter.

My husband pointed out that, as the sign above us indicated "wheelchair", we were in the correct lane. But we were told that we should know better.

We also pointed out that my husband told the officers in the Authority counter that we were Singaporeans but had been ordered to queue up.

The officer then dared us to lodge a complaint.

Such behaviour is inexcusable.

In airports in Ho Chi Minh City, Kuala Lumpur and London, wheelchair users have a designated area, regardless of nationality.

Rude and ill-tempered staff like those we encountered at Terminal 2's Immigration area give a poor impression of Singapore and should not be allowed to serve the public.

Janet Lim Hong Eng (Mrs)