Being punctual shows consideration, respect

I respect Justice Choo Han Teck's judgment in dismissing the applications of the four practice trainees when their supervising lawyers were late ("Judge ticks off lawyers for being late in court"; May 12).

I strongly believe that one has to be early in order to be on time. If working hours start at 8am, we should arrive at the office and start work no later than 8am.

Similarly, when we make an appointment with someone, we should arrive on time. If we are not familiar with the rendezvous location, then we should start our journey much earlier to reduce the chances being late, should we need to search for the meeting place.

This is being considerate and respecting the time of others.

When seniors do not lead by example, such as in this recent case, they send a wrong message to their juniors that being on time is not required in the future.

I am glad that these four trainees were present in court on time. It is unfortunate that they will have to appear in court again, through no fault of their own.

Cheong Kwee Thiam