Becoming a PR not about the benefits

I disagree with Mrs Ada Lim's view ("What makes a Singaporean"; Sept 14) that permanent residents (PRs) and Singaporeans enjoy the same benefits in Singapore.

There are huge differences between the benefits enjoyed by a PR and those enjoyed by a Singaporean, ranging from housing and healthcare to education.

It is true that in many other developed countries, such as Australia, PRs and citizens have the same benefits, minus the voting rights.

In Germany, even foreign students can obtain free university education.

For second-generation PRs who have served national service (NS), they do not get the same benefits as Singaporeans as they have chosen to remain as PRs.

I have met a number of them and they told me that they grew up to become men through NS and in defending Singapore.

The important point here is not about the benefits, but that we all want to defend and contribute to Singapore to ensure its peace and prosperity.

Sim Lim Onn