Be fair - train maids to look after elderly

An affordable option for many Singapore homes which have elderly folk to take care of is to train their maids to do it. This is becoming increasingly popular (Give maids proper caregiver training, by the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics; Sept 8).

Caring for the elderly, especially those who need help in activities of daily living, requires the maid to know a host of skills, including proper bathing and lift-and-carry techniques, tube feeding, nutrition, hygiene, exercise and mobility.

By and large, most domestic maids who come to work in Singapore would not have such skills.

If looking after the elderly is required of the maid, employers and employment agencies should provide training to equip these maids with such skills before they start work in the household. Many organisations provide this training, including the Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Social Support & Training.

Seah Seng Choon


Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Social Support & Training

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