Be fair to build a harmonious society

It is inaccurate to say that the TV broadcasts of the SEA Games were carried out only in English ("Missed opportunity to use all four official languages" by Mr Thomas Lee Chee Chee; Forum Online, June 30).

Okto was not the only broadcasting channel for the SEA Games; Channel U also aired matches, and there were commentaries in Mandarin for badminton and table tennis matches.

However, I have to agree that I did not see any Tamil or Malay subtitles or channels broadcasting the games.

It is not just at the games. During National Day parades, song lyrics have not been in all four languages either.

The Chinese may be the majority race in Singapore, but we must be mindful of racial harmony and should not take it for granted.

In many countries, we seldom see people of different races standing together in the train or walking together on shopping streets.

However, in Singapore, we respect one another's presence, culture and tradition. We work together, study together and play together in a harmonious society.

This social balance is a fine line, and is extremely crucial and critical to Singapore's progress globally.

Thus, the authorities should work to ensure that they are fair in promoting racial harmony.

Jong Ching Yee (Miss)