Attacked by stray dogs at Bukit Brown

On Sunday at around 4.30pm, I was strolling down Merryn Road towards Bukit Brown Cemetery and approaching what looked like a caretaker shelter when I found myself suddenly surrounded by at least 10 to 15 ferociously barking stray dogs.

I walked back slowly but the dogs came towards me, and one of the strays bit me in the thigh.

I tried to run away as quickly as possible, but the pack kept following me all the way to Kheam Hock Road, before I finally made my escape.

There are signs put up by the authorities to inform people about stray dogs and how to behave, but what I encountered at Bukit Brown Cemetery was not the occasional lone dog, but a pack of fierce creatures.

Later, it dawned on me what a disaster it could have been if my six-year-old daughter had accompanied me on the trip.

Bukit Brown Cemetery is a historic site that is popular with heritage lovers. The authorities must take steps to ensure that unsuspecting visitors are not attacked by packs of stray dogs in the area.

Koen Georges Soenens