Are rental bicycles really needed to connect last mile?

A row of shared cycles seen in Woodlands Drive 64 in December 2017.
A row of shared cycles seen in Woodlands Drive 64 in December 2017.ST PHOTO: JAMIE KOH

In the 1960s and 1970s, many Singaporeans cycled to work and school because buses were crowded, taxis were not affordable and there were no trains.

Singapore today has a good public transport system.

Most of us live fairly close to MRT stations or at least have bus services to the town centre or the Central Business District.

Frankly, I don't see the real need to have rental bicycles for the last mile.

Isn't it better for us to walk the last few hundred metres or kilometre, than to ride the rented bicycles? It will keep us healthier.

Rental bicycles in many housing estates and tourist attractions are an eyesore and riders are becoming a nuisance to community, especially when many of them ride on footpaths.

I recently saw many riders on their e-scooters, bicycles and other personal mobility devices on the Ulu Pandan Park Connector alongside many joggers.

Near the bridge linking the park connector to Holland Grove View, I saw at least 30 shared bicycles parked all over.

It was unsightly and the housing estate never had this problem over the last 20 years.

Singapore can be a car-lite society in the next 10 years if the Government builds more parallel train lines.

Our new Thomson-East Coast Line complementing the North-South Line, and new Downtown Line complementing East-West Line are excellent moves.

Hopefully the Jurong Region Line connecting Tengah, Jurong East, Teban Gardens, West Coast, Pasir Panjang and Harbourfront to the CBD and the Cross-Island Line will be completed by 2025.

I urge the relevant authorities to seriously consider reducing the number of shared bicycles and make sure these bicycles are properly docked in specific locations.

Alternatively, the entire shared-bike scheme can be removed entirely.

David Goh Chee Hoe