Another step towards becoming a Smart Nation

In an effort to steer Singapore towards becoming a Smart Nation, technological advancements are gradually becoming apparent here ("New gadget sniffs out when toilets need cleaning"; May 24).

The Agency for Science, Technology and Research has implemented a toilet-monitoring system which can essentially improve manpower productivity with the use of technology.

The toilet-monitoring system indicates as soon as restrooms are required to be cleaned. Additionally, it monitors the usage of restrooms, with a sensor to assess the level of odour.

With such technology in place, cleaning contractors are able to monitor restrooms in real time. This enables contractors to plan and better manage their resources and inventory.

Information gathered from such technology could also bring about analytical and statistical data which could contribute to improved management of employees on the ground.

This is an excellent step towards attaining Singapore's aim of becoming a Smart Nation.

Khidhir Asyraf