Announce petrol price changes in advance

Petrol companies in Singapore have long denied that they act in collusion with regard to their pump prices, and say that most of the time, their similar price changes within hours of one another are due to common external factors ("Wholesale fuel and petrol pump prices aligned: Study"; Feb 24).

It is small consolation to motorists, who usually discover the price increases only when they arrive at the pump station.

I suggest that the Government mandate that any petrol pump price changes must be announced at least an hour ahead of the effective price change, and that the announcement must be broadcast via the Land Transport Authority's MyTransport mobile app.

This may lead to a rush for the pumps by motorists, but it will also keep petrol companies on their toes.

The public can also track the changes to see whether there is a pattern in which petrol company announces price changes first.

Chen Junyi