Anchor youth to time-tested values

Encouraging the young to innovate and pre-empt changes that the future will bring is the right approach to take.

But it is imperative that they are anchored by time-tested values that Singapore has been built upon (Classrooms must have focus on the future, by Mr Wong Horng Ginn; July 5).

Singapore overcame tumultuous times and grew from Third World to First when emphasis was placed on building strong family units.

Our forefathers established themselves not as individuals, but in the context of family and the wider society.

Growing up in an increasingly volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous world, the next generation needs to be assured that while the future remains unknown, family will serve as a strong foundation for them to pursue their life aspirations.

When youth emulate values like respect, honour and gratitude, it spurs them towards responsible life choices for the present and also the future.

In addition, when young people are inspired by their predecessors to prioritise family formation as a life aspiration, they will also take into consideration that the consequences of their actions would extend for generations beyond themselves.

If family is the basic building block of our society, it is of paramount importance that youth envision and dream of possibilities that would continue to promote strong and stable family units for the betterment of the generation that comes after them.

Delia Ng (Ms)