Alumni privilege gives heartlanders a shot at top schools

I disagree with Mrs Annie Chang ("Relook alumni privilege in Primary 1 registration"; July 28).

Without the alumni registration phase 2A2, I would not have been able to secure a place for my child in a popular school in the Bukit Timah area, as I live in an HDB flat in Punggol.

If a school takes in pupils solely based on the proximity of their homes, then only children of the very affluent, living in the private houses in Bukit Timah would be able to secure places in schools in that area.

Wouldn't that further alienate the rest of us, and worsen elitism in our society?

I agree that more places should be allocated to children living near the schools.

But keeping the alumni privilege is important too because it helps children who do not live nearby to get a place in popular schools.

Ong Seow Yuen (Mrs)