All humans yearn to love and be loved

It is heartening to read that various local agencies like the SPD and Disabled People's Association are stepping forward to remove the longstanding stigma on the sexual desires of the disabled, especially those with mental health issues (Disability and sexuality; June 30).

All human beings yearn to be loved or engage in romantic relationships.

Even as infants, we unconsciously feel soothed when our caregiver attends to our needs when we cry. It makes us feel secure.

A person desires not only to be valued by others, but also to know that he can create positive impact on others through love and care.

Such a cycle of activities fuels him with happiness hormones of dopamine (motivation) and endorphin (satisfaction) that can greatly mitigate his condition.

With record numbers seeking professional help for mental health issues, this recent sexual wellness service approach is certainly timely.

Lim Chee Khiam