All can help lift others up

Being able to see, hear and speak is so normal for most of us, but not for a small group of people like Miss Lisa Loh ("She is blazing a trail for people who are deaf-blind"; Feb 7).

Miss Loh is deaf and gradually losing her sight. However, she strives to live as normally as everyone else.

She is even setting up a support group to assist people with these challenges, to enable them to live like anyone of us.

This is worth commending.

We can do more to assist this group of people.

Public transport and facilities can be better equipped to assist them.

People with normal sight and hearing can always lend a helping hand to those in need.

Children who are born with such challenges should attend special schools so that they can learn some skills and be able to support themselves when they grow up.

With a little effort from each of us, we can make our country a better place for all.

Lim Lih Mei (Ms)