Adhere to dos and don'ts of lift use

Vandalism and other forms of lift misuse can contribute to lifts breaking down, as well as other problems.

Common acts include littering, smoking and the dumping of pet or even human urine and faeces during the wee hours at HDB blocks without closed-circuit television cameras.

Inconsiderate ways of transporting renovation materials and bulky items, such as furniture and household appliances, can damage lift walls, too.

Stuffing cardboard or tools to jam the lift doors open is another common act.  

MRT trains and some escalators have safety notices and reminders alerting users not to lean against train doors and to hold on to the handrail of escalators.

Similarly, lifts should also have such notices to remind users not to litter or smoke, and not to misuse the lifts. Pet owners should also be reminded to keep their pets close and on leashes.

Aaron Ang Chin Guan