Add covered path to Beauty World MRT station

I commend the Singapore rail operators for the construction and recent opening of the Downtown Line 2 ("Thousands check out DTL2 on opening day"; Dec 28, 2015).

So far, my trips have been effortless, and I am pleased with what has been achieved.

However, it would seem that one item of planning has not been addressed.

Most MRT stations feature covered links to the nearest bus stops. In the case of the bus stop at the Upper Bukit Timah end of Jalan Jurong Kechil, however, there is no such covered link.

On a wet day, this can result in passengers getting soaked in the rain, even when carrying umbrellas.

Could the authorities add a path with cover, so that it would be easier for commuters to alight from the buses and then proceed directly to the entrance of Beauty World MRT station?

Peter Charles Norman Hardstone (Dr)