A step towards more modern, efficient healthcare

I applaud the efforts taken to train pharmacists and advanced practice nurses to independently prescribe medicine (Group of pharmacists, nurses certified to prescribe medicine; July 3).

It is heartening to see healthcare professionals taking on roles traditionally thought to be out of their scope.

It is a step towards the Ministry of Health's vision for healthcare to be moved from the hospitals to the community.

It is also a more modern take on healthcare, where healthcare professionals are not limited by their education or training in what they can do for patients.

When I was assigned to the cardiology department during a hospital attachment, I saw how pharmacist-run clinics can greatly benefit patients.

They can come for check-ups more regularly and can have the dosage of their drugs adjusted by pharmacists without always requiring a consultation with the cardiologist.

With independent prescribing, there is much room for pharmacists and nurses to help patients more and take work off doctors' shoulders, leading to greater efficiency in the healthcare sector.

Jeremy Chan Lin En