A group's happy meal, thanks to great service

I was having lunch at a McDonald's outlet at Bishan Junction 8 recently, when I noticed a group of seven, comprising five children and two women, searching for a bigger space as they had only two small tables with four seats along an aisle.

An elderly woman in a dark grey uniform - a "Star" or someone performing a customer relations role - alerted the children to the availability of a more private area, but it did not have enough seats for all of them.

She then saw some customers leaving a corner table with a long cushioned seat which could comfortably seat the children, rushed to clear the table and alerted the mothers of the five children, aged from three to 10.

The woman sets a good example to her colleagues, and should be commended for going that extra mile to make customers feel more comfortable so they are able to enjoy their meal.

Soh Swee Kiat