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Those with allergies must do due diligence

Having allergies myself, I can empathise with the toddler who had an allergic reaction to peanuts that other passengers were eating, and with his parents (Serving of nuts on SIA flights being reviewed; July 20).

However, I feel that the review of serving nuts on Singapore Airlines flights is an overreaction.

The issue is a matter of the passenger's responsibility.

SIA has an advisory on its website stating that it cannot guarantee a nut-free flight, and that it cannot stop other passengers from eating peanuts that they take on board.

It is the passenger's personal duty to check the airline's policy on allergens beforehand and consider alternatives, such as taking another airline, if necessary.

It is also his duty to take his medication along if he is aware that he suffers from a potentially fatal allergy.

It is impractical for the airline to change its policies because of a rare case.

It is also impossible to cater to every customer's needs, and wrong to deny the majority of something just because of a small minority.

June Lin Jiaxi, 16

Secondary 4 student

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