Voices of youth

Support kids rather than stress them

It is said that it is not all about grades. But not many parents can bring themselves to accept this mindset ("When grades define worth"; Sunday, and "A child's potential is not defined by his grades" by Ms Angie Chew Gim Leng; last Friday).

While it is understandable that parents wish for their children to succeed in life, is this the right way?

Children need time to adapt to new information as well as the increasing levels of difficulty as they proceed further in their schooling life.

Not every child works well with stress. Without consistent support and faith, a child can get demoralised.

If parents get overly impatient and expect their children to achieve excellence overnight, it will backfire.

Rather than blame children for not achieving perfection, why not give them encouragement to face challenges in school?

Children also have to play a part in getting their parents to know what they truly want and how they actually feel.

We cannot expect our parents to read our minds and accommodate our needs all the time.

With time and appropriate measures, we can develop a healthier schooling and living environment for generations to come.

Glades Tan Hui Min, 16,
Secondary 4 student


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