SingPost needs to change delivery procedures to improve

Recently, I ordered two similar parcels from China, and the vendor appointed SingPost for the delivery.

The parcels were meant for two of my clients, who are working in HDB Info Centre offices situated in the void decks of Yishun HDB blocks.

The offices have been there for about two years, but they are considered temporary and have no unit number.

Because of this, SingPost considered both parcels to have incomplete addresses, rejected them and returned them to the sender. This is even though the block number, postal code and company name as displayed on the office front door were clearly stated.

I paid for a second delivery after contacting the vendor, and being assured by a SingPost officer that the parcels would be promptly delivered.

One client received her parcel, but was scolded by the postman.

The second parcel, however, was handled by another postman who went into my client's office but insisted the address was incorrect and refused to hand the parcel to my client, even though her name was on it and she had claimed it.

That parcel was, again, returned to the vendor. They are arranging for another courier company to do the delivery.

I have ordered many parcels from overseas to be sent to clients working in HDB Info Centre offices in void decks all over Singapore. I have worked with other courier companies, but it is only with SingPost that I have faced delivery issues due to the addresses lacking unit numbers.

I hope SingPost can change its standard operating procedures so that it can provide better delivery services.

Poh Soon Seng