Voices Of Youth

More care needed on sensitive content

Singapore, as a multiracial society, should be wary of what is shared with the public, in the interest of maintaining peace and order.

This calls to mind the recent issue of a Malay-language book series that seemed to legitimise the use of violence, and which has been taken off library shelves (Ministry asks NLB to review its book vetting process; June 9).

Controversial content found in the series included a claim of a third world war in the Middle East and a picture of a Muslim boy wearing a suicide vest among masked adults.

Extreme views on issues within society can affect citizens and potentially cause racial conflicts.

Topics on both race and religion are very sensitive to the public, especially in this racially diverse country. With the Singapore Government doing its best to ensure inclusivity, we do not want to see all its efforts go to waste.

The circulation and availability of such harmful content in the country might put across a wrong message that Singapore tolerates violence and extremist views on race and religion.

That is definitely not the case.

Is vetting the content of all books enough? How do we ensure that all content made available to the public is race- and religion-sensitive? Should a more thorough check be done?

Gwendolyn Ser Xin Jie, 15 Secondary 4 student