Mindset, social values at heart of problem

I was amused and frustrated to read about the lengths bike-sharing firms are going to, in an effort to ensure Singaporeans adhere to basic rules and regulations (Bicycle-sharing firm ofo bike rolls out new credit rating system to combat bad user behaviour; ST Online, June 27).

Surely, as citizens of a First World country, we know to be responsible users of equipment we have borrowed.

Unfortunately, the reports of citizens damaging bikes reflect their indifferent attitude towards others and the community in general.

It is commendable that swift and harsh action is taken against such users.

But the heart of the problem is mindset and social values, which require time to cultivate. Education and upbringing are vital.

Hopefully, in the long run, we can eliminate such irresponsible behaviour.

Sydney Teo Wen Xuen, 16, Secondary 4 student