Give way more on public transport

Often, during peak hours, train stations are packed. While we do queue up, it gets messy when the train arrives.

In order to squeeze into the train, some of those trying to board would stand right in front of the doors, blocking alighting passengers.

When we are rushing, we would rather cut queues, and push and squeeze our way onto the train instead of waiting for the next one.

On buses, I see many people standing at places where they feel comfortable instead of moving in.

As a result, other passengers cannot enter the bus, even though there is room. This is greatly disheartening.

While we complain about this behaviour, we fail to realise that many of us behave like this too, at the expense of others.

We can do better. With just a little effort, the journey would be more comfortable for everyone.

Ruth Kang, 16, Secondary 4 student