Voices Of Youth

Break habit of being disrespectful

I absolutely agree with Madam Evelyn Chan Wai Yee ("Respect teachers - they shape our kids' future"; Oct 28).

Teachers deserve respect for what they do for us - nurturing us students, and imparting precious knowledge to us.

It is disconcerting that many - students and parents - do not give them due respect. Some students are not only outright disrespectful towards their teachers, but some even bad-mouth them behind their backs.

Such gossiping is common among students, hence appearing to be acceptable. But it is indeed disrespectful and shows a lack of appreciation for our teachers' efforts.

It is important that we remain grateful to our teachers all the time, and not only during Teachers' Day.

We should put in a conscious effort to avoid speaking ill of our teachers. Getting rid of this habit will lead us to become more respectful members of society.

Toh En Qi, 14, Secondary 2 student


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