Weekly Money FM Podcasts: What FTX’s collapse means for crypto’s future

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Weekly Money FM Podcasts (Nov 21)

Is legal an overlooked field in the influx of talent? (featuring Ms Shulin Lee, director, Aslant Legal)

What FTX’s collapse means for the future of crypto (featuring Mr Arun Pai, investments team, Monks Hill Ventures)

The business Beauty Queen taking the world by storm (featuring Ms Carissa Yap, Miss Universe Singapore 2022)

KPMG launches Asesan decarbonisation hub (featuring Mr Sharad Somani, partner, head of infrastructure, KPMG Asia Pacific)

How to turn your huge debt into a $1 million business? (featuring Mr Caleb Li, co-founder, Uncle DiDi)

What’s next for Singapore’s Silat Gold Medal Winner? (featuring Ms Nurul Suhaila, Pencak Silat gold medalist)

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