Weekly Money FM Podcasts: Separating personal and business wealth

In one of Money FM 89.3's featured podcasts this week, Howie Lim hosts Ng Lilian, country head of Business Banking and Philip Kunz, head of Global Private Banking for Southeast Asia at HSBC Private Banking, about separating personal and business finances. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

Weekly Money FM Podcasts (June 14)

Fake news and bad information in the world: How Wikipedia handles them (featuring Ms Anusha Alikhan, senior director of communications, Wikimedia Foundation)

Designer Minkoff on fearlessness and NFTs (featuring Ms Rebecca Minkoff, fashion designer and author of Fearless)

Health Suites: We are failing our blood pressure goals (featuring Dr. Koh Kim Hwee, consultant and clinical lead for musculoskeletal workgroup, SingHealth Polyclinics)

Separating personal and business wealth and diversifying funding sources (featuring Ms Ng Lilian, country head of business banking & Mr Philip Kunz, head of global private banking Southeast Asia, HSBC Private Banking)

How executives and organisations can manage professional and personal disruption (featuring Ms Brenda Bence, certified executive leadership coach)

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