Luxe property developer SC Global Developments going big with smaller apartments

An artist's impression of Petit Jervois, which is located at 33 Jervois Road.
An artist's impression of Petit Jervois, which is located at 33 Jervois Road.PHOTO: SC GLOBAL

SINGAPORE - SC Global Developments is known for luxury property projects with big, spacious units, but the company will be going trendy and small with a new collection.

Called Petit Collectibles, the brand is the company's "answer to the demand for small units", its founder and chairman Simon Cheong told The Straits Times on Tuesday (Sept 25).

"People in big cities such as London and New York, which are seen to be the forefront of modern city living, just don't want to fuss too much to maintain a house," he said.

Reinforcing the point, he said that SC Global units measuring about 800 sq ft, which comprise half of the company's inventory, are sold out.

Projects under Petit Collectibles will be designed for "those looking for a lighter lifestyle", he said.

They include "empty nesters who have been freed from the responsibilities of managing larger-sized homes, or millennials who prioritise the vibrant experience of living in the heart of the city".

Another group Mr Cheong is targeting is one that he terms "SC Global junkies".

"We have a lot of repeat buyers. (SC Global) has been in business for tens of years, a lot of them have families that have grown bigger or smaller," he said.

The first project under Petit Collectibles, Petit Jervois in River Valley, is expected to be launched by the end of the year. It will be the company's first Singapore project in three years, and have about 55 units, mostly one or two-bedders.

Prices for Petit Jervois are not set yet, said Mr Cheong, but previous media reports provided a range of between $2,800 and $3,000 psf.

With Petit Collectibles, Mr Cheong is also hoping to promote the belief that big is not always luxurious.

"To us, high-end means quality... We want to make sure we get the space right," he said, adding that the new property collection will focus on details such as high ceilings, ample sunlight and customisability.

He said buyers usually judge their property purchases with psf, but "if you have an apartment with a low ceiling, you're done".

"People don't talk about it (but these) things really will affect you when you move into an apartment," he said.

For Petit Collectibles, "no major obstructions will prevent (owners) from opening up or closing a space", he said.

"The fun part about having a nice home is being able to create your own space," Mr Cheong said.

Daylight will be a common denominator in Petit Collectibles projects. "There will be no corners that will be dark."

SC Global Developments' previous projects include The Marq, Sculptura Ardmore and Thr3e Thre3 Robin.

Last year, Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin bought a 10,300 sq ft super penthouse with a cantilevered private pool at Sculptura Aardmore for close to $60 million, or around $5,650 psf.