Save on commissions and fees with this low-cost trading platform

Tiger Brokers (Singapore)’s Chief Executive Officer Eng Thiam Choon shares how his company uses cutting-edge technology to provide users, Gen Z investors in particular, with a seamless online trading experience

Opt for a low-cost online platform to trade with ease and maximise your investment returns. PHOTO: TIGER BROKERS

In order to be able to trade profitably, it is vital to be aware of the various fees and charges that must be paid to brokers and trading platforms. These investing costs, which can include commission fees, platform fees and custodian fees, directly affect traders’ bottom line and returns.

Choosing a low-cost platform is one way to reduce investment costs, enabling traders to maximise their investment returns. At the same time, traders need a platform that offers access to all the financial products and exchanges they require, allowing them to trade with ease.

The online trading platform of Tiger Brokers, which was founded in 2014 and whose parent company is listed on NASDAQ, offers the best of both worlds. With its low fees, breadth of access to products and markets and an intuitive interface that makes trading easy for traders of all experience levels, the platform draws over 1.8 million customers worldwide.

Tiger Brokers (Singapore) Chief Executive Officer Eng Thiam Choon shares more about the trading platform.

Tiger Brokers CEO Eng Thiam Choon is confident that the online platform's competitive fees and ease of use will appeal to new and seasoned traders on their investment journey. PHOTO: TIGER BROKERS

1. How does the Tiger Brokers online trading platform cater to the evolving needs and preferences of investors, especially Gen Z investors?

Gen Z investors account for 28 per cent of our local customer base. To cater to them, we strive to provide more meaningful interactions and bite-sized content while maintaining an impeccable user experience.

With a digital-first mindset and competitive fees, Tiger Brokers enables investors to gain access to global exchanges and meet their portfolio diversification needs on their investment journey.

Furthermore, recent studies have shown that young investors are more likely to consider social responsibility alongside other investment strategies. So this year, we aim to increase the number of sustainable funds available to retail investors.

2. What is Tiger Brokers’ strategy on staying ahead of the competition?

While other brokerages may run similar promotions or offer even lower rates, we aim to provide value to our users in a sustainable manner. We focus on delivering the best user experience with cutting-edge technology.

Investor education and financial literacy are key pillars of our business and we aim to empower investors with financial information and insights at their fingertips to make informed investment decisions.

We have sponsored financial literacy initiatives for students and run regular Tiger Live webinars on the latest market developments and trends. More initiatives in this area can be expected. 

Amid growing awareness of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) standards, Tiger Brokers aims to empower investors to go beyond managing the ESG risks in their portfolios and create a positive and measurable environmental impact through their investment activities.

Today, retail investors can easily access and invest in over 60 sustainable funds on Tiger Brokers’ platform, including the United Smart Sustainable Singapore Bond Fund and Fidelity Sustainable Asia Equity Fund.

We keep our pulse on what our consumers want to ensure that we continue to evolve and enhance our products and services to meet their needs.

3. What are the financial markets and types of instruments most sought after by Singapore investors?

Investors in Singapore and the South-east Asian region have shown increased interest in investing in global markets.

Approximately 87 per cent of our account holders currently trade US securities, and we have been seeing increased investor interest in US markets amid high volatility across financial and capital markets globally.

4. Could you tell us more about Tiger Brokers’ zero commissions campaign?

The campaign is open to existing and new clients. To unlock lifetime zero commissions trading, just open an account, refer a friend to Tiger Brokers and have the same person make a deposit of $100.

Investors who prefer to go it alone can enjoy a welcome bundle and try out zero commissions trading. When new users join us, they receive:

  • Zero commissions for US stock trading for 180 days,
  • one Grab share,
  • $5 cash voucher upon deposit, and
  • the chance to unlock lifetime zero commissions trading and more rewards by referring a friend within 180 days.

Under the welcome bundle, when investors deposit $2,000 within seven days, they will receive another $5 cash voucher and a chance to win a Grab share.

5. What features and aspects of the Tiger Brokers platform make it suitable for new and advanced traders?

Our platform is convenient, easy to use and intuitive, and provides access to a broad range of products. Our commissions are among the lowest in the industry too. 

With the launch of commission-free trades for US securities, advanced traders can unlock cost savings with more efficient trading even with relatively small movements in the market. The platform also offers multiple trading features such as one-click trading, profit and loss analysis, stock options trading, in-depth analytics, screeners and candlestick charts. 

New traders can also benefit from access to US markets at a lower cost, while at the same time enjoying access to market data and information to better support their investment decisions.

6. Can you tell us more about the trading and financial information on the Tiger Brokers platform?

Thanks to our complimentary real-time stock quotes, investors can get the latest updates and stay on top of their investments. We also provide a comprehensive range of financial information on company stocks, global news, an economic calendar and much more.

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