Have a question on investment? ST Invest editor Lorna Tan has the answer

SINGAPORE - Some might find the Central Provident Fund (CPF) system complex and hard to understand.

Should you top up your CPF special account? How does the Enhanced Retirement Sum work?

Invest Editor Lorna Tan answered these questions and more in her series of articles on CPF.

"The CPF system is very complex which makes it difficult for CPF members to understand how to fully make use of it. Many people do not know how to maximise their retirement savings," she said.

"My role is to simplify the information and make it relevant. To do this, I analyse the information, and talk to CPF officers and financial experts to suss out the implications."

She also writes on a wide range of finance and investment related topics, including property, insurance and most recently, how to get kids to save their hongbao windfall.

She said: "As financial journalists, our aim is to increase the financial knowledge of our readers."

Find out more about her work: str.sg/lorna-tan