Influencer marketing’s effectiveness — the cold hard truth

Social media influencer campaigns can be an effective channel for brands to increase return on investments

Brands can leverage influencer profiles to act as a conduit to reach a wider network of audiences. PHOTO: X10 Media

X10 Media, set up in 2016 as one of the first influencer marketing companies in Singapore when the industry was still in its infancy, has grown into a regional player to watch in just four years.

Its position on return on investments (ROI) is clear: influencers are a highly effective channel for brands to augment their marketing efforts. Yet, a vast majority of campaigns struggle to deliver results, causing a misconception that social media campaigns are predominantly useful in driving awareness.

From X10 Media's experience, strong commercial ROI results can be achieved through the use of influencers. Shortfall is typically attributed to campaign mismanagement - ranging from the time the content is posted to poor product brand positioning.

The social media space has grown to saturation point, drowning out messages and causing advertisement blindness. Brands therefore need to reposition mindsets to better leverage influencer profiles that act as a conduit to reaching a wider network. However, magical results are not guaranteed - it is not the case of "if we put it out there, customers will buy it".

Careful planning, quality control and execution may ensure that influencer campaigns are optimised to stand head above shoulders over whatever else is out there, to make a truly worthwhile impact.

Reaching the right audiences for maximum engagement

By leveraging its combined reach in the millions covering Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, the media group has amassed a wealth of experience having successfully delivered hundreds of campaigns for multinational corporations and small-and-medium enterprises alike.

Boasting a strong client profile of brands in multiple industries ranging from mall developments, telco providers, consumer technology products, fashion, jewellery, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), it strongly advocates optimisation and smart execution for impressive results.

To that end, X10 Media is driven by its proprietary technology, Leadgram, which enables brands to ethically retarget consumer profiles who have interacted and engaged with branded social media content. Contextualised tailored messages are delivered to these consumers' social media messaging inboxes, along with hyperlinks for follow-in action. This is designed to increase campaign conversion rates, directly attributing to campaign revenue objectives.

Research has shown that such use of social messaging inboxes increases open rates by 70 per cent as they are less cluttered, and enjoy higher frequencies of being checked. In addition, the content tends to be more relevant since it is more user-created.

Brands running Leadgram have seen positive results and improved customer engagement effectively through this untapped channel.

X10 Media is quickly growing its network reach of close to 10 million in the region, expanding its footing by serving new countries each year to cement its position as a trusted, regional leader. Its pace of growth across various platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn is driven by the vision of being the top multi-platform social media influencer marketing hub.

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