Hong Kong Science Park Virtual Career Expo is going viral with tens of thousands of views from I&T talent worldwide signing up for more than 1,100 jobs

From fresh graduates to seasoned professionals, jobseekers can keep a lookout for vast employment opportunities at Hong Kong Science Park, one of the hotbeds for disruptive innovations and technologies in the world

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Whether you're a fresh graduate aspiring to clinch your first job, or a professional looking to supercharge your career, the world is your oyster at Hong Kong Science Park Virtual Career Expo 2020, which is reporting overwhelming response from 15,000 visitations from talent worldwide and 60,000 page views to the website in just a few hours since it went live, and with more to come.

Hong Kong Science Park Virtual Career Expo 2020

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), a statutory body that houses a thriving innovation and technology (I&T) ecosystem comprising Hong Kong Science Park, InnoCentre and Industrial Estates in Hong Kong, holds the Hong Kong Science Park Career Expo every year where thousands of innovative minds from all over the world gather to explore their I&T career options, meet inspiring people and enthusiastic recruiters, and find jobs that match their skills.

This year, this most exciting career platform goes virtual from March 25 till March 31 to become the first and largest Virtual Career Expo ever staged in Hong Kong's I&T industry, with the aim of attracting more global talent to build an even more robust talent pool in the city.

Mr Albert Wong, chief executive officer (CEO) of HKSTP, says: "Despite some traditional pillar sectors of our economy having been hit hard in the midst of current challenges, I&T never stops but is powering ahead. Our Virtual Career Expo, in a few hours since it went live, has reported 60,000 page views and 15,000 visitations from talent from 45 economies, demonstrating strong interest among talent in I&T.

"Talent is at the heart of I&T that drives economic growth and benefits the whole world. While Hong Kong is one of the birthplaces of a great deal of innovation and maintains its unique position as an international I&T hub to be built in the Greater Bay Area, there is clear potential to boost our innovative capacity further. We aspire to open the door to a new world of possibilities for the world's best talent to come and together shape an even better future."

Mr Albert Wong is the CEO of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation.

As of March 25, 2,000 CVs have been submitted through the fair, where over 1,100 job opportunities are being offered in four major technology fields - biomedical technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, smart city and fintech. Of these vacancies, 75 per cent are for bachelor's degree holders while the rest are for postgraduates or those with doctoral degrees and above.

Companies that are hiring include Hong Kong Science Park companies, current incubatees and graduates from HKSTP's incubation programmes, SMEs and multinationals. Participating companies use virtual exhibition booths to share career-related information, and hold on-demand live chats, webcasts and presentations to converse with potential hires. Job applicants can submit their resumes and documents in a seamless virtual environment.

During the expo, HKSTP is hosting free and interactive webinars daily, featuring I&T multinationals, trailblazing start-ups, industry experts and experienced recruiters to help candidates gain greater insights into the opportunities and career prospects available in the I&T industry.

Helping I&T talent thrive

With its close proximity to Mainland China and most other Asian countries with a short flying time of within five hours or less, Hong Kong is rising as one of the most attractive destinations to global talent who are willing to work abroad.

Product manager Vivien Ho, who is from Singapore and started her first full-time job at CryptoBLK, which is a blockchain start-up at Hong Kong Science Park, says: "Hong Kong also has a very established technological scene, as well as a conducive environment for technological start-ups."

Product manager Vivien Ho, who is from Singapore, started her first full-time job at CryptoBLK.

The 25-year-old adds that there are many opportunities in Hong Kong, and being in CryptoBLK has allowed her to experience that first-hand as the company is inclusive when it comes to caring about employees' growth by providing sufficient training and guidance.

Founded in 2017, CryptoBLK is a current member of HKSTP's Incubation Programme and it specialises in multiple DLT solutions and systems for various financial services domains, including trade finance, insurance and Central Bank Digital Currency. CryptoBLK will be recruiting job applicants to fill the positions of project manager, back-end engineer, full-stack engineer, senior product manager and solution architect to join its culturally diverse team of more than 45 people.

"Being a leading international finance hub, Hong Kong is the ideal testing ground for fintech innovation, and the ideal place to serve the SMEs and banking customers in the region. We look forward to welcoming more talent who are passionate about new technologies and have strong skill sets," says Dr Tsui Kwok-ching, who is the chief operating officer of CryptoBLK.

Dr Tsui Kwok-ching is the chief operating officer of CryptoBLK.

Another start-up at Hong Kong Science Park is Sanomics, which provides liquid biopsy genetic testing since 2015 for cancer patients. It is looking to hire a Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT), research officer, and sales and marketing executive for its Hong Kong office, as well as an MLT in Thailand and a sales manager in Vietnam.

As the company is expanding fast in Asia Pacific, Mr Gordon Cheung, Sanomics' 25-year-old regional sales and marketing director, is taking the lead in the sales and marketing team to decide on strategy and approach in markets including Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

He says: "Sanomics offers the opportunity for me to grow and a chance to broaden my horizons. I see that many of us are talented in many ways; we just need a stage to show what we have. I&T is one of the stages for us who have the passion to drive changes in society and take risks at the same time."

(From left) Mr Stanley Sy and Mr Gordon Cheung from Sanomics.

"HKSTP provides comprehensive support to start-ups and technology companies so that we can focus on commericialising our ideas to market-ready products and solutions. We need talent who are self-motivated and can multi-task with a 'can-do' positive attitude. We believe that the road to success starts from here!" adds Mr Stanley Sy, Sanomics' CEO who is leading the start-up's expansion efforts across Hong Kong, Mainland China and other Asia Pacific regions.

Dayta AI, a start-up at Hong Kong Science Park that taps AI to help businesses make better decisions, is searching for software engineering and business talent to join its team of 15 from South Korea, India, Canada and the United States.

Mr Patrick Tu, one of the three co-founders who established Dayta AI in their early 20s, encourages young people to join the I&T sector for a better future.

He explains: "Hong Kong is one of the most innovative cities in the world, and an international city where we can benefit from doing business with many cities and countries all over the world. Being part of Hong Kong's largest I&T ecosystem, Hong Kong Science Park embraces diverse cultures and allows you to meet other passionate start-up founders and exchange ideas.

"We want to meet more young people who have passion in doing what they love and also crave improvement, as start-ups are all about constantly creating value."

Mr Patrick Tu is one of Dayta AI's three co-founders.

A better future for all

HKSTP aims to cement Hong Kong's position as an international stronghold for I&T where ideas are commercialised into ready and sustainable market solutions. It also has the view of developing the city into a global powerhouse with I&T expertise.

Mr Albert Wong believes that by helping Hong Kong to improve its innovative capacity in I&T, the future economy will enjoy a boost. The CEO says: "With the Government's ongoing support in driving I&T, HKSTP strives to strengthen Hong Kong's innovation ecosystem by building one of the richest and most diverse I&T talent pools in the city.

"Hong Kong Science Park offers an invaluable platform for university graduates and all those who aspire to build careers in I&T to realise their dreams of turning creative ideas into commercially viable products and services. We encourage all those who are mapping their career paths to explore I&T fields to begin their journeys to ultimate success here."

Hong Kong Science Park is Hong Kong's flagship base for research and development.

Hong Kong Science Park, a sprawling 22-hectare waterfront ecosystem that serves as the city's flagship base for research and development, is home to more than 800 technology companies and 13,000 professionals from all over the world, as well as some of the world's most advanced laboratories and a seamless network of support spaces.

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