Former Sinomem Technology CFO pays civil penalty for insider trading

SINGAPORE - The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has taken civil penalty action against Mr Pu Weidong and Triumpus Assets Management for insider trading in the shares of Chinese water treatment firm Sinomem Technology.

Mr Pu was the chief financial officer (CFO) of Sinomem when the contraventions took place, the MAS said on Tuesday (May 3). He is also the sole director and shareholder of Triumpus.

Mr Pu and Triumpus purchased 4.605 million Sinomem shares from March 2 to 27, 2009. Mr Pu had confidential price-sensitive information about a proposed share buyback offer by Sinomem, which was subsequently announced on March 27, 2009.

They made a profit of $49,542 on these insider trades.

Between Aug 25 and 31 that same year, Mr Pu and Triumpus sold 14.174 million Sinomem shares while Mr Pu possessed knowledge of confidential, price-sensitive information on a proposed placement of shares by Sinomem.

Information on the proposed share placement was subsequently announced on Sept 9. However, they did not make any profit or avoid any loss on these trades.

MAS commenced a civil penalty action on Feb 26 last year against Mr Pu and Triumpus for insider trading in Sinomem's shares under the Securities and Futures Act.

They have admitted to contravening the Act, and will pay to MAS a civil penalty of S$316,000, as well as S$61,610.75 for the legal costs and disbursements incurred by MAS for the civil penalty action.

Mr Pu has also given a voluntary undertaking not to be a company director or be involved in the management of a company for a period of one year with effect from July 3, 2016.