Fed's Yellen sees possible global turmoil if no Greece deal

Janet Yellen at a news conference after the Fed meeting.
Janet Yellen at a news conference after the Fed meeting.REUTERS

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen warned Wednesday that the global economy could see significant turmoil if Greece and its creditors cannot reach agreement on more bailout funding.

"This is a very difficult situation. In the event that there is not agreement I do see the potential for disruptions that could affect the European economic outlook and global financial markets," Yellen said.

"Unfortunately, Greece and its creditors are faced with very difficult and consequential decisions at this point, and in the days ahead, my hope is that they will continue to work together to try to find a solution," Yellen said in a press conference.

She said there was little direct exposure to Greece in the US economy that could cause harm.

"But to the extent that there are impacts on the euro area economy or on global financial markets, there would undoubtedly be spillovers to the United States that would affect our outlook as well."