Tuas Power Generation launches mobile app to help companies manage energy costs

SINGAPORE - Energy solutions firm Tuas Power Generation announced the launch of the Tuas Power Integrated Energy Management Solution (IEMS) for commercial buildings on Wednesday (Jan 13).

This product features electricity meters that provide tenants and landlords data on their energy usage through a mobile application. The meters installed in the building update the application every half an hour with information on how much energy the tenant has consumed in the last half an hour.

The application also can condense energy consumption data into charts which provide information about consumption patterns.

Through gaining information about their energy usage patterns, customers can identify possible cost savings areas, Tuas Power said in a statement.

Building and Construction Authority chief executive John Keung said the initative was a good step towards helping building owners manage costs and improve energy efficiency.

Tuas Power has supplied electricity to more than 630 buildings since 2003. It owns five combined cycle plants and a steam plant in its power station in the Tuas industrial region, and develops energy solutions aimed at aiding environmental preservation. It has a licensed capacity of 2,670MW, and is one of the three largest power generation companies in Singapore.