Tribe Accelerator chooses first batch of 10 start-ups for blockchain programme

sgCarMart is one of the 10 start-ups chosen for Tribe Accelerator's product development-focused programme.
sgCarMart is one of the 10 start-ups chosen for Tribe Accelerator's product development-focused programme.PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - Tribe Accelerator, a blockchain accelerator that is part of Singapore-based venture capital firm Trive Ventures, on Thursday (March 28) announced its first batch of start-ups in its product development-focused programme.

The 10 start-ups, of which half are locally founded, were chosen based on how they are aligned to four key focus areas, which are fintech & insurtech, mobility & supply chain, data & telecommunication, energy & sustainability, as well as the strength of their blockchain use-case.

Ng Yi Ming, managing partner of Tribe Accelerator, said the first batch of firms will be able to develop their ideas over the next four months on their platform.

He said: "We hope to give them the resources they need to excel, and we are excited to see what the start-ups will be able to accomplish when integrated into our dynamic network of global partners from both the corporate and blockchain ecosystem."

The start-ups are:

1. sgCarMart: It is the largest new and used car platform in Singapore with more than 5,000 after-market merchants and 2.6 million monthly active users

2. TADA: First launched in Singapore, TADA is the world's first blockchain based ride-hailing application and is now also present in Cambodia and Vietnam. TADA has more than 200,000 users and 27,000 drivers in Singapore within six months of inception

3. WhatsHalal: It is creating a Halal ecosystem that focuses on a streamlined farm-to-table model for the global market

4. MightyJaxx: It is an art and design collectibles studio looking to cultivate a market for smarter consumer products all around the world, with a global fanbase of more than five million individuals. The founder was recognised as one of Forbes' 30 Under 30 Asia in 2018

5. Limestone Network: It is powering the technology layer on top of a 100-hectare Smart City development in the heart of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

6. Digix: It has pioneered the digitising of traditional asset classes, with gold as its first successful use case. Digix was the first company globally to send a live transaction on the Ethereum blockchain

7. Chorus Mobility: Chorus has interoperable, soft and hardware architectures for enabling the connected and autonomous vehicles of tomorrow. Chorus recently won the challenge by Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative, a mobility consortium with BMW, General Motors and Ford as the founding members

8. TEMCO: It streamlines the supply chain ecosystem and aims to tackle the issue of authenticity of high-value goods in second-hand marketplaces

9. Halo: It is building an alternative to existing cloud storage platforms, where users have full control and ownership of their data

10. Accrue: It develops tools for global event analytics and code-free algorithm development. Recognised as one of the Top 7 New York fintech firms by the London Stock Exchange in 2016