Surbana Jurong, Nippon Koei tie up to create urban development solutions

Surbana Jurong group chief executive Wong Heang Fine and Nippon Koei President Ryuichi Arimoto (screen).
Surbana Jurong group chief executive Wong Heang Fine and Nippon Koei President Ryuichi Arimoto (screen).PHOTO: SURBANA JURONG PRIVATE LIMITED/FACEBOOK

SINGAPORE (THE BUSINESS TIMES) - Consulting firms Surbana Jurong and Nippon Koei have partnered to deliver sustainable and resilient solutions to urban and infrastructure development projects worldwide.

Both parties on Wednesday (July 29) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU), which is part of the firms' joint action on climate change mitigation and resiliency, according to a joint statement.

Under the MOU, Surbana Jurong and Nippon Koei will harness their combined knowledge and experience in climate change adaptation, resilience enhancement and smart technologies to deliver these solutions.

Nippon Koei, an international engineering consultant, will bring its capabilities in disaster preparedness in Japan and government-funded projects in other countries.

Surbana Jurong, an urban and infrastructure design consultancy, will bring its experience in delivering innovative and smart solutions for sustainability and resiliency in master planning, urban, residential and industrial development. It will also bring its experience in coastal protection and reclamation around the word.

Both firms will identify sustainable project opportunities, especially in Asia, where public-private partnerships can encourage the adoption of smart technologies to scale up urban initiatives and solutions. This is to build sustainable and liveable cities.

Nippon Koei and Surbana Jurong have been collaborating on sustainability and resiliency projects since 2018. One notable project is the 9,460 hectare New Clark City in the Philippines, slated for completion in 2065.

According to Surbana Jurong group chief executive Wong Heang Fine, another landmark project is the recent Study of Cooperation for Infrastructure Projects. This project will facilitate closer cooperation between Singapore and Japanese companies on Asia infrastructure projects, he said.

"We look forward to contributing towards a greener, more resource-efficient and liveable environment for future generations," Mr Wong said.

Nippon Koei representative director and president Ryuichi Arimoto said the strategic partnership will integrate and enhance the development of the relevant research, planning, designing and implementation fields.

"It will also help nurture more local talent in multiple disciplines in the pursuit of real-world challenges and practical application for sustainable urban development over the world," he said.