PUB awards $237 million contract to China State Construction Engineering for industrial water treatment modules

The Tuas Water Reclamation Plant (right) will be co-located with the National Environment Agency's Integrated Waste Management Facility. PHOTO: NEA

SINGAPORE - A $237 million contract has been awarded to China State Construction Engineering's (CSCE) Singapore branch to build modules at the Tuas Water Reclamation Plant for large-volume treatment of industrial used water.

It is the sixth major construction contract awarded by national water agency PUB for the Tuas plant that is now under construction.

The agency said on Tuesday (Dec 22) that CSCE will construct industrial liquids modules to treat industrial used water channelled to the plant via deep sewer tunnels.

PUB said: "When completed, this will be the first time that PUB is reclaiming industrial used water for reuse and is a significant step forward in boosting our capability to reclaim and recycle water."

Tuas Water Reclamation Plant, a key component of PUB's $6.5 billion Deep Tunnel Sewerage System Phase 2 project, will receive both industrial and domestic used water from two separate deep tunnels for treatment, said the agency.

The industrial liquids modules integrate membranes for better solids separation while using less space and fewer steps, compared with conventional systems.

The treated water will then be further purified into industrial water and sent back to the industries for reuse.

The contract awarded to CSCE includes civil, structural and architectural works for two of such modules, which can treat up to 150,000 cubic m of industrial used water per day - equivalent to 60 Olympic-sized swimming pools of water.

A total of 11 bids were made for the contract during the open tender exercise in May. Separate contracts will be called to install the plant and process equipment, such as mechanical, electrical and instrumentation components.

Construction of the industrial liquids modules will start on Dec 30, and the modules will be used progressively by December 2025.

With an initial treatment capacity of 800,000 cubic m per day, Tuas Water Reclamation Plant will be co-located with the National Environment Agency's Integrated Waste Management Facility.

The two facilities will collectively form Tuas Nexus - Singapore's first integrated water and solid waste treatment plant.

Meanwhile, the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System Phase 2 project is expected to enhance Singapore's water sustainability by boosting PUB's capability to reclaim and recycle water.

Upon completion in 2025, the tunnels will convey used water from the western part of Singapore to the Tuas water reclamation plant for treatment.

Deep Tunnel Sewerage System Phase 1, which covers eastern Singapore and channels used water to Changi water reclamation plant, was completed in 2008.

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