Fastest growing companies 2020: Knowing your legal price tag upfront with PKWA Law Practice LLC

Getting legal help does not have to be an expensive prospect

Located in the heart of Toa Payoh heartland at HDB Hub East Wing. PHOTO: PKWA LAW PRACTICE LLC

Most people hiring a lawyer for the first time may be daunted by a fear of the legal costs. It is also not an easy task to decide which lawyer or law firm to engage, out of the 5,920 legal practitioners in 912 law firms in Singapore. And often these factors discourage many people from seeking the legal help they need.

A number of enterprising law firms are offering fixed legal fees for some legal services, so that their clients know from the start how much their legal bill will amount to. One such firm that offers fixed fees to its clients is PKWA Law Practice LLC.

What is fixed fee vs hourly fee?

Legal fees vary wildly from firm to firm depending on how complicated the case is as well as the seniority of the lawyer and the size of the firm. More often than not, you will find law firms charging an hourly rate ranging from $300 to $1,000 per hour. As it is hard to predict how long your case will take to close, being billed based on the hourly rate can add up to a hefty legal bill.

Alternatively, some law firm offer fixed legal fees for some services subject to various conditions. The package price is made known upfront and this enables the client to make an informed decision as well as to manage his or her budget and expectations before committing to the lawyer or law firm.

Get legal help from one of the leading conveyancing and family law firms

One such firm that offers fixed fees to clients is PKWA Law Practice LLC. Hailed as a leading specialist for conveyancing, probate, family and divorce law in Singapore, the practice led by Mr Christopher Song, Ms Ong Bee Lay and Mr Lim Chong Boon have resolved countless cases at fixed, affordable fees. In the area of family law, PKWA Law has earned its rank as one of the top family law firms in the 2019 edition of Benchmark Litigation Asia-Pacific.

According to Mr Lim, "law is a people business." The partners believe in investing in training their lawyers to help them to better manage clients and cases. And this translates into how the firm packages most of its legal services with an all-inclusive fixed fee that is affordable for all.

Apart from specialising in conveyancing, family and divorce law, PKWA Law Practice also offers legal services such as conveyancing, probate law, wills and trusts, and corporate services for SMEs.

  • Conveyancing
    Property purchasing can be a complex process filled with paperwork. As a leading law firm in Conveyancing, Real Estate and Property, PKWA Law's team of experienced lawyers will protect your interest whether you are buying, selling or refinancing your property. They also afford a relatively affordable package starting from $1,600 nett for refinancing a HDB resale flat.
  • Family Law
    Divorce can be emotionally and financially distressing especially if it involves children and matrimonial assets. But you can be rest assured that the firm's team of lawyers are not only proficient in legal acumen, but also sensitive in dealing with the highly personal nature of divorce matters. They also offer online divorce service at just $1,500* if your divorce is uncontested and mutually agreed from the start. For uncontested divorce cases involving children, assets and maintenance, their package is only $2,500* (price is all-inclusive). For most contested divorce cases, PKWA Law's fees are fixed from the start.
  • Probate Law
    When death in the family occurs, you would need to engage a probate lawyer to deal with the paperwork and administrative matters such as releasing the deceased's assets. The experienced probate team from PKWA Law will help you obtain probate quickly within a month. The fees start from $1,200*.
  • Wills and Trusts
    PKWA Law has been providing will writing services for the last three decades. The firm offers a fixed, clear and affordable fee from just $400* for a Personal Will and $300 for a Lasting Power of Attorney.
  • Corporate services for SMEs
    Whether you are a multinational corporation, a small business start-up, a manufacturer or an entrepreneur, PKWA Law ensures that your rights are protected by having your business agreements written and reviewed by their team of commercial lawyers with specialised expertise. Their fees are packaged from just $1,500* to $4,500* depending on the service you require.
  • General litigation
    PKWA Law also offers fixed fees for general litigation matters.

*Fees are subject to GST.

About PKWA Law Practice LLC

PKWA Law Practice LLC is an established full service law firm. PHOTO: PKWA LAW PRACTICE LLC

PKWA Law Practice LLC was constituted as a law corporation on March 1, 2004, taking over the practice and business of its predecessor, a law firm established in 1988. With 30 years of serving the heartland, PKWA Law Practice LLC offers friendly services and affordable fees in addition to legal excellence. This year, the firm was named one of Singapore's fastest-growing companies in a study compiled by The Straits Times and global research firm Statista.

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