BT Podcasts: Real opportunities for growth and profit in sustainable healthcare investing

In this episode, Nathalie Flury and Michael Schröter, co-heads of Sustainable Healthcare Equity at HSBC Asset Management, break down the pros and cons of investing in the sustainable healthcare sector. PHOTO: HSBC

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This episode focuses on the pros and cons of investing in sustainable healthcare and how this much overlooked sector has some real opportunities for growth and profit. 

Correspondent Howie Lim hosts Nathalie Flury and Michael Schröter, co-heads of Sustainable Healthcare Equity at HSBC Asset Management. This episode is brought to you by HSBC: www.business.hsbc.com.sg/sustainability 

Highlights (click/tap above):

01:12 Markers which indicate healthcare innovators are the real deal

02:38 Emerging diagnostic themes worth looking into

04:21 The evolving telehealth sector 

06:20 What’s making health economic sense

08:19 What a robust sustainable healthcare portfolio looks like

09:16 Pros and cons of sustainable healthcare investing

10:50 Due diligence on the part of investors

In the previous episode - brought to you by HSBC - Howie Lim finds out what this overlooked investment sector entails and why you need to be involved now: https://omny.fm/shows/the-business-times-podcasts-1/fixing-the-broken-healthcare-investment-model-bt-p

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