BT Podcasts: How to invest in small-cap stocks

Jarick Seet, head of Small-Mid Caps Research at RHB Singapore, talks about small-cap stocks and why you should consider them for better valued investments. PHOTO: RHB SINGAPORE

BT Podcasts: How to invest in small-cap stocks

10:17 mins

Synopsis: The Business Times Podcast channel showcases niche series Money Hacks, Mark To Market, and sponsored series.

This episode focuses on small-cap stocks. A small cap is generally a company with a market capitalization of between $300 million and $2 billion

Find out what they are, why you should consider them, and how to go about investing in them, in this episode brought to you by RHB Singapore.

BT's digital editor Chris Lim host Jarick Seet, head of Small-Mid Caps Research at RHB Singapore, who explains the following:

  1. Why should investors focus on small-cap stocks vs large caps, and why small-cap stocks with right fundamentals can outperform large caps? (1:08)

  2. Key themes to note in RHB's regional Top Small Cap Companies Jewels 2021 book, which features new small cap stock ideas with undiscovered potential for investors to consider amid Covid-19 and the New Normal (1:45)

  3. Why do small-cap stocks have an edge and why you can find value at a cheaper price in this space (3:54)

  4. Besides the tech and semicon sector, how you can spot 'recovery theme' stocks (5:00)

  5. Step-by-step roadmap for retail investors, starting with how to evaluate themes and work down the list of businesses that will benefit from such themes (6:44)

  6. Comparing against companies' peers to check for overvaluation concerns & personal tips from Jarick Seet (7:55)

For Top 20 Singapore Small Cap Jewels 2021 Edition, contact: sg.research@rhbgroup.com

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