BT Podcast: Upsides left to capture in real estate?

Does real estate still have what it takes as an inflation hedge? BT's podcast editor Claressa Monteiro discusses with Richard Kimble (pictured) from Nuveen. PHOTO: BT GRAPHIC

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Is real estate still a good hedge against inflation? Can real estate income even keep pace with inflation and is there any upside left to capture?

Podcast editor Claressa Monteiro gets the answers from Richard Kimble, managing director and lead portfolio manager, real estate at Nuveen.

This episode is brought to you by Nuveen.


1:55 Real estate mitigating market volatility

2:59 Sectors worth looking into

3:40 Sectors affected by today’s environment

4:36 Real estate and sustainability objectives

6:32 Real estate performance throughout cycle

7:08 Interest rates and real estate

7:55 Outlook for sector in 2023

More about:

Unleashing income opportunities with real estate


Whether real estate still has what it takes


A world of opportunity


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Edited by: Howie Lim


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