BT Money Hacks Podcast: Invest safely in Chinese securities from Singapore

In this BT Money Hacks podcast: Chris Lim hosts Darren Tan (left), head of fixed income, structured products and ETFs at OCBC Securities and Lim Yuin (right), chief investment strategist, Lion Global Investors. PHOTOS: LION GLOBAL INVESTORS & OCBC SECURITIES

BT Money Hacks Ep 102: Invest safely and easily in Chinese securities from Singapore

13:29 min

Synopsis: Every first and third Monday of the month, The Business Times breaks down useful financial tips.

Understand the reasons behind the changing regulatory climate in China and how to act on them while taking fewer risks, in this episode brought to you by OCBC Securities: www.iocbc.com

BT's digital editor Chris Lim hosts Lim Yuin, chief investment strategist from Lion Global Investors, and Darren Tan, head of fixed income, Structured Products and ETFs at OCBC Securities.

They explain the following:

  1. Why the Chinese market could surpass the US by 2026; Alibaba v Amazon an example of Chinese growth potential (1:00)

  2. Sectors to monitor for long-term potential despite Chinese regulatory tweaks (3:02)

  3. Know common key barriers for Singapore-based investors when it comes to Chinese investments; overcome them safely and easily (3:52)

  4. How investors can avoid common pitfalls with easy-to-use basket options such as the Lion-OCBC Securities China Leaders ETF (5:58)

  5. Main pros and cons of DIY investing at one extreme vs simply buying an ETF at the other extreme? (8:24)

  6. How geographic diversification can strengthen a Singapore-based investor's portfolio (9:52)

Lion-OCBC Securities China Leaders ETF: www.iocbc.com/chinaleaders

OCBC Securities: www.iocbc.com

Lion Global Investors: https://www.lionglobalinvestors.com/en/index.html

Produced by: Chris Lim & Ernest Luis

Edited by: Hadyu Rahim

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Do note: Any financial or investment information in this podcast is for use in Singapore only and is intended to be for your general information. Any particular investment or decision should only be made after consulting with a fully qualified financial adviser. An investor should read the prospectus that can be attained from www.iocbc.com before deciding whether to subscribe for or purchase units in the ETF. This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.


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