BT Money Hacks Podcast: How to find lucrative opportunities in Web3 investing

In this episode, BT correspondent Howie Lim asks her expert guest do the terms Cryptocurrency, DAO, DeFi, NFT, blockchain and metaverse all fit under the Web3 umbrella. PHOTO: BT GRAPHIC

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Cryptocurrency, DAO, DeFi, NFT, blockchain, metaverse: these terms have been bandied about for some time but do they all fit under the Web3 umbrella? 

So what are these strange new investment opportunities and should we maybe get some? 

For more insights, correspondent Howie Lim speaks to Ryan McNamara, Web3 and crypto editor of Benzinga.

Highlights of the conversation: 

01:30 True data and digital ownership

04:20 Invest in Web3 now or later when it’s mainstream?

08:40 What investing in Web3 really means

10:40 Beware the reflection fee

15:50 Why investing in Web3 is worth it

Produced by: Howie Lim ( and Christopher Lim

Edited by: Howie Lim

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