BT Mark To Market Podcast: How to invest like Warren Buffett

Investing phenomenon Warren Buffett's (pictured) philosophy is more relevant than ever now, says BT's senior correspondent Ben Paul in the Mark To Market Podcast. PHOTO: AFP

BT Mark To Market Ep 7: How to invest like Warren Buffett

11:25 min

Synopsis: Listen to Ben Paul's analysis and insight on market trends and corporate issues in Singapore in this new podcast series based on his weekly column in The Business Times.

In this seventh episode of the Mark To Market podcast, BT's senior correspondent Ben Paul talks about the investing phenomenon that is Warren Buffett, and explains why his philosophy is more relevant than ever now.

He tackles the following points:

  1. Defining the Warren Buffett style of value investing (2:25)

  2. Contrasting what excites investors with what excites Buffett (3:25)

  3. Buffett's focus on profitability and value has stood test of time (6:43)

  4. What Singapore corporate boards can learn from Buffett (9:39)

Produced by: Ben Paul (, Ernest Luis, Lee Kim Siang and Adam Azlee

Edited by: Adam Azlee

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