BT Future of Finance Podcast: Capitalising on blockchain to future-proof

BT speaks to Heng Koon How (pictured), executive director for Blockchain & Digital Assets at UOB, to find out the shockwaves that UOB anticipates blockchain will bring. PHOTO: UOB

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Blockchain harbours great potential for the financial sector and this technology promises innovative applications and greater efficiency in a fully digitalised financial industry. What are the shockwaves that UOB anticipates blockchain will bring? Today we speak with Heng Koon How, executive director for Blockchain & Digital Assets at UOB to find out.

This episode of Future of Finance podcast is presented by UOB.


01:04 Blockchain’s role in the future of finance

02:45 Game changing blockchain technology

05:05 The draw of CBDCs

08:48 Asset tokenisation to help fundraising

10:51 Significance of asset tokenisation for Singapore

12:16 Banks need to pivot

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