Singapore SME raises $200,000 in 30 minutes on crowdfunding site CoAssets

The toy manufacturer's project hit its targeted amount of S$200,000 in less than half an hour from when it was listed. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM COASSETS WEBSITE

SINGAPORE - Homegrown crowdfunding company CoAssets said it smashed local records on Monday (March 28) when it raised S$200,000 in less than 30 minutes for a Singapore SME.

The toy manufacturer had applied for a short-term business loan through CoAssets' crowdfunding platform to fund a themed event to promote and sell its products.

The project was listed at 4pm on Monday and hit its targeted amount of S$200,000 by 4.30pm on the same day.

With a minimum investment of S$5,000 in the project, investors can expect to receive a 10 per cent yield, to be paid out within six months.

Said Lawrence Lim, CoAssets chief operating officer: "This deal demonstrates the continuing demand in the SME sector for short-term business loans, and investors' growing appetites for crowdfunding as an alternative means to optimise and diversify their portfolios."

Earlier this month, a machining and metal fabrication firm raised S$150,000 in 45 minutes on another crowdfinancing site, MoolahSense.

Mr Lim said he sees more SMEs turning to crowdfunding as the economic outlook dims and banks rein in on credit.

He said the latest deal shows that SMEs "can secure competitively-priced capital through us, at a much quicker time compared to traditional means of financing".

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