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Manage money better even when you are overseas with RHB TravelFX

The RHB TravelFX app tracks the FX rates for 11 currencies and offers 24/7 conversion, while the Multi-Currency card enables you to use the funds that you choose to convert. PHOTO: ISTOCK

Singaporeans travel a lot. According to the 2017 Global Travel Intentions survey commissioned by Visa, Singaporeans have gone on an average of seven international trips in the last two years.

But with so little time, how can one travel more efficiently?

If you travel a fair bit, you are likely to find these scenarios familiar. The good news is - you can get out of these tricky situations with some help from the new RHB TravelFX.

1. You do not have the time to head to a money changer

Sometimes work, last-minute plans and procrastination get in the way, causing you to be stuck without the foreign currency you need.

Instead of making a dash for the 24-hour money changers at the airport, the RHB TravelFX mobile app alerts you to your desired foreign exchange (FX) rates and offers a handy money changer on the go.

The app works in tandem with the RHB TravelFX Multi-Currency card, billed as the first prepaid Multi-Currency Visa card introduced by a bank in Singapore.

The RHB TravelFX app tracks the FX rates for 11 currencies and offers 24/7 conversion, while the Multi-Currency card enables you to use the funds that you choose to convert.

You can download the app and apply for the Multi-Currency card even if you do not hold an RHB bank account. Once your application has been approved, you can move funds in Singapore dollars, from your preferred bank in Singapore to your new RHB TravelFX account instantly via Fast and Secure Transfers (FAST). The funds you put in this virtual wallet can then be converted into 10 other currencies at competitive FX rates.

In other words, you can skip long queues at the bank or money changer, and save precious time before your trip.

As all currency transactions are handled digitally on the app and stored in your card wallet - ready to be used anytime - RHB TravelFX also ensures that you will never have to struggle with cash.

2. You struggle with managing your travel expenditure

Ever put your mind through mental gymnastics trying to figure out how much you need for your vacation? Or opened your wallet overseas and wondered where you might have stored that emergency cash?

Whether you are a big spender or manage every dollar in detail, overseas trips can pose a challenge to your money management abilities.

The RHB TravelFX app and Multi-Currency card offer competitive foreign exchange (FX) rates, real-time currency exchange and the freedom to spend in local currency overseas. PHOTO: RHB

Being a prepaid card, the RHB TravelFX Multi-Currency card ensures you do not need to worry about having too little cash for your overseas trips.

But if your funds do run low during your trip, you can top up your card, wherever you are.

You can track your expenses and transactions online to make sure you do not overspend - and travel smarter, lighter and more safely without having physical cash on you as you travel from country to country.

3. Your luggage has gone missing

All the luggages have been removed from the baggage collection belt - but yours is nowhere in sight. Maybe your checked baggage has temporarily gone on a vacation of its own to Australia while you are in Japan.

Even as separation anxiety sets in, you know you can simply whip out the RHB TravelFX Multi-Currency card as you shop to replace your travel essentials.

The card allows you to make online or in-store purchases, and perform withdrawals from automated teller machines (ATMs) in the local currency with no additional transaction fees*.

To be extra safe, you can lock the RHB Multi-Currency card via the TravelFX app when not in use.

*Certain overseas ATM operators may charge a fee. Terms and conditions apply.

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