NTUC Income launches mobile app for accident reporting

Ms Alina Seah, Income's deputy vice-president of motor insurance, showing the accident-reporting app.
Ms Alina Seah, Income's deputy vice-president of motor insurance, showing the accident-reporting app.PHOTO: NTUC INCOME

SINGAPORE - NTUC Income unveiled on Wednesday (Aug 16) what it says is an industry-first - a mobile application (app) for its motor insurance policyholders to file an accident report remotely.

The app will be useful to those who may be hard-pressed for time to file the report in person within 24 hours of an accident as required, said Income.

Motorists in Singapore must do so or risk having their no-claim discount penalised upon renewal of their motor insurance.

With the app, motorists can connect to Income's 24/7 accident response team, Orange Force, to seek assistance at the accident scene.

The app also guides users step by step through the accident-reporting process, indicating clearly the specific details required for the submission.

"Increasingly, customers are embarking on mobile-first lifestyles... It is, thus, important for Income to stay relevant to our customers and to steer ahead as Singapore's leading digital insurer," said Mr Pui Phusangmook, Income's general manager for general insurance and group business.

Through the app, users are required first to verify the date, time and location of the accident. They are then asked to submit a series of photographs, which include:

  • Those of the accident scene by capturing the vehicles involved in the surrounding areas;
  • Those that show the damage to user's own vehicle, including the damaged parts and licence plate; and
  • Those that show the damage to the other vehicle or property, including damaged parts and licence plate.

The photographs submitted through the app will be watermarked with the time, date and location stamp of the accident in Income's system to authenticate the incident and to legitimise the accident report.

Income said that to enhance road safety and to mitigate the stress faced by motorists at the accident scene, users of the app can file the remaining information, such as details of the drivers (such as name, NRIC number and mobile number) and other passengers or witnesses where applicable, away from the accident scene.

Upon successful submission of the accident report, a reference number will be given to the user via the app and a copy of the accident report e-mailed to the user by the next working day.

The app cannot be used to report accidents where motorists or passengers have sustained injuries. In such cases, policyholders should make a police report and go in person to one of Income's accident reporting centres.

Also, policyholders who want to make an "Own Damage or Third Party" claim upon submission of the accident report will need to bring a copy of the accident report to Income's motor service centre or any of its workshops.

Android phone users can download the app, called Accident Reporting by Income, from the Google Play Store. The iOS version will be available next month.